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On Tuesday night, Stevie Nicks performed at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, MN — the 21st show of the 24 Karat Gold Tour.

Performing in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, where Prince Rogers Nelson was born and raised, seemed to weigh heavily on Stevie’s mind, as she spoke emotionally about the late music icon. A bit choked up, she unexpectedly dedicated “Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream)” to him, which she’s previously identified as her “most favorite song [she’s] ever written” at past shows. After performing the song, Stevie began to tell the story of the 2011 In Your Dreams song, but became overwhelmed with emotion and quickly exited the stage. After an unplanned extended instrumental introduction to “Stand Back” (the next song in the set), she finally returned to the stage to perform the hit 1983 single. Afterwards, she also told the crowd, ‘I don’t want to get hysterical again,’ before going into the story behind her and Prince’s famous “Stand Back” collaboration (clip below). Stevie mentioned that her ex-husband (former record executive Kim Anderson) was at this evening’s show, which added more context to the story. (Stevie was married to Kim when she wrote the lyrics to “Stand Back” and had been riding in a car with him when the two heard Prince’s “Little Red Corvette” playing on the radio.)

Stevie Nicks
(Brooke Lee)
Stevie Nicks
Stevie Nicks
(Xcel Energy Center)


Much love and thanks to Denton P, mastenator, Stephanie Silva, and XcelEnergyCenter for filming and sharing these videos!

Gold and Braid (XcelEnergyCenter)

Gold and Braid (Denton P)

Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around feat. Chrissie Hynde – short clip (Stephanie Silva)

Starshine (Denton P)

Stand Back (Denton P)

“There is a story, a quick story It’s not really a quick story, but I don’t want to like get hysterical again, so I’ll just say that Prince and I actually — unbeknownst to Prince, of course, when I was writing it — wrote ‘Stand Back’ together. I was…this is so funny, my one and only husband happens to be here tonight. Hello, husband! You’re out there somewhere. Um, uh…but what happened was that, that my then-husband — my only husband actually I ever had — were driving on our honeymoon to, um, Santa Barbara,  and this song ‘Little Red Corvette’ came on. And I was just like thrilled with his song. And I started — yes, oh yes, I had pencil and paper in the car — started like writing these words as I’m singing along, you know, and, and my husband’s like, ‘Well, you know, it’s already his song, you really can’t.’ And I was like, ‘Oh yes, I can! I’ll call him and I’ll just, I’ll sing it for him on the phone, and he’ll like it.’ And so, what..exactly what I did, so we have to pull over to a drug store and buy a cassette — cassette, oh yes — and record it when we get to the like San Ysidro Ranch, where we’re going for our honeymoon, right? He’s like, “OK, great!’ So we do, we get the recording equipment, we go —which is only this big (Stevie makes a small square with her hands) — we go up to our room and we…I sing over ‘Little Red Corvette’ and even my then-husband, his name is Kim, Kim said, ‘It’s good, it’s really good.” So um, yeah, you should call him and tell him that you’ve done this.’ So I said, “Of course I’m gonna, I’m honest, so.’

We go back to Los Angeles, and I go into Sunset Sound Recording Studio, and I find somebody who knows how to get in touch with Prince. And so, I call him and I don’t even think he’s in Los Angeles, but he is. And I said, ‘Well…’ I told him the quick story, and I said, ‘So can you come over? And he said, “Well, sure.” And so he did, he came over! And um…I know! And he walks in and he is dressed to the nines. He is the purple one, gorgeous. And I’m stunned you know because, because I’m also dressed to the nines because we, that’s how me and the girls dressed when we went into our recording sessions. So we’ll all totally dressed up. And so he comes in and he plays synthesizer, and he plays organ, and he plays piano, and does a little guitar, and, and he likes it, and he gives me permission, and I said, you know, ‘I mean, it’s half of yours, right?’ And he’s like, ‘OK.’ And he’s — whoosh! — gone in a puff of purple poof, gone.

And that was my relationship with Prince for many years, which was, I would just see him for a little while and then he’d just be gone, you know? He was just like that amazing kind of strange friend that just kind of came in and out of your life. So anyway, that’s… The great thing now is that whenever you hear ‘Stand Back’ or ‘Little Red Corvette,’ you can like kind of put them together because they are together, and they’ll always be together forever…and I will always have that. So whenever I sing ‘Stand Back,’ he’s always right here standing next to me. So um, anyway, that’s the story.”

Gold Dust Woman (Denton P)

Landslide (mastenator)

Play-by-Play by Ross Raihala, pop music critic for @PioneerPress


Stevie Nicks enchants audience at the X with songs, stories and the spirit of Prince
Stevie Nicks is now 68, but there’s always been a sort of timeless quality about her, like her soul has been kicking around for centuries, wrapping its hosts in shawls, lace and fringe. Remember, this is a woman who crafted the nostalgic, contemplative “Landslide” when she was just 25.—Ross Raihala / Pioneer Press (Read the full review here.)

Stevie Nicks, the Pretenders deliver knockout one-two punch at Xcel
After the Pretenders’ super-charged set, an announcement: “Stevie Nicks will be out in 25 minutes.” The stage was radically altered for Nicks and her big band — two keyboards, one bass, two guitars, two backup singers, and a drummer. Nicks came out last, naturally, backlit by the projection of a rising sun and surrounded by chandeliers. Bathed in golden light from top to bottom, the band launched into the joyous, buoyant “Gold and Braid.” Obviously, Nicks was wearing her platform boots, flowing capes, and surplus scarves. —Chad Werner / City Pages (Read the full review here)

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VIDEOS 1/16: Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul MN

Fleetwood Mac began the second leg of their “On With The Show” tour on Friday night, performing at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. The band will play another thirty-nine shows in the United States, before heading across the pond to the United Kingdom in late May.

Stevie gave a “crazy” Landslide dedication to an absent friend: “I know this is the city of Prince. And I’m friends with him, even though I never see him because he is the shadow figure. But I am friends with him, so I’m going to dedicate this to Prince, even though we all know he’s not here. We can have a moment of silence for Prince. So this is for you, Prince, wherever you are.”


Thanks to Rayne Olsen, Wallystrom, Jack Flash, Tom Sommers, Sarah Sanchez, Nancy Mc, TheFreyFamily, Bluejay MusicChannel, John Page

The Chain (courtesy of BlueJay MusicChannel)

You Make Loving Fun (courtesy of BlueJay MusicChannel)

Dreams (courtesy of Rayne Olson)

Second Hand News (courtesy of BlueJay MusicChannel)

Rhiannon (courtesy of Wallystrom)

Everywhere (courtesy of BlueJay MusicChannel)

I Know I’m Not Wrong (courtesy of Jack Flash)

I Know I’m Not Wrong (courtesy of Tom Sommers)

I Know I’m Not Wrong (courtesy of Sarah Sanchez)

Tusk (courtesy of Nancy Mc)

Tusk (courtesy of TheFreyFamily)

Tusk (courtesy of Sarah Sanchez)

Say You Love Me (courtesy of Sarah Sanchez)

Big Love (courtesy of Wallystrom)

Landslide (courtesy of Wallystrom)

Landslide (courtesy of Sarah Sanchez)

Landslide (courtesy of Rayne Olson)

Never Going Back Again (courtesy of Sarah Sanchez)

Never Going Back Again (courtesy of Jack Flash)

Gypsy (courtesy of Sarah Sanchez)

Gold Dust Woman (courtesy of Rayne Olson)

Gold Dust Woman (courtesy of Wallystrom)

Gold Dust Woman (courtesy of Sarah Sanchez)

I’m So Afraid, partial (courtesy of Bluejay MusicChannel)

Go Your Own Way (courtesy of Sarah Sanchez)

Go Your Own Way (courtesy of Bluejay MusicChannel)

World Turning (courtesy of Bluejay MusicChannel)

Band Intros + Don’t Stop (courtesy of Bluejay MusicChannel)

Don’t Stop (courtesy of Sarah Sanchez)

Don’t Stop (courtesy of John Page)

Songbird (courtesy of Bluejay MusicChannel)

Songbird (courtesy of Cassafrassism)

Songbird + Final Bows (courtesy of Jack Flash)



1. The Chain 13. Landslide
2. You Make Lovin’ Fun 14. Never Going Back Again
3. Dreams 15. Over My Head
4. Second Hand News 16. Gypsy
5. Rhiannon 17. Little Lies
6. Everywhere 18. Gold Dust Woman
7. I Know I’m Not Wrong 19. I’m So Afraid
8. Tusk 20. Go Your Own Way
9. Sisters of the Moon 21. World Turning
10. Say You Love Me 22. Don’t Stop
11. Seven Wonders 23. Silver Springs
12. Big Love 24. Songbird

CONCERT REVIEW: Lindsey Buckingham, not Nicks, carries Fleetwood Mac at Xcel Center

Live-wire Lindsey Buckingham, not croaky Stevie Nicks, carried Fleetwood Mac Sunday night at the X.

By Jon Bream
Star Tribune
Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lindsey Buckingham wore the exact same outfit again. Black leather jacket, black V-neck T-shirt, black boots and, presumably, the same bluejeans.

That’s what the rock star sported when he performed a solo concert in November at the Dakota Jazz Club, the most impersonal (and loudest) performance probably ever in that intimate space. On Sunday at the sold-out Xcel Energy Center, he gave one of the most impassioned performances ever in a Twin Cities arena, this side of Bruce Springsteen.

Oh, sorry, it wasn’t actually a Lindsey Buckingham show. It was Fleetwood Mac, the band that made him famous. But singer/songwriter/keyboardist Christine McVie retired in 1998 and Stevie Nicks — Buckingham’s former lover whose romance and breakup has been the subject of many of the band’s songs — needed a good half of Sunday’s 2 ½-hour show to warm up her voice.

Granted, her voice is lower, harsher and less fluid than before, but her versions of “Rhiannon” and “Sara” were so croaky and lifeless that she couldn’t have placed in the top 5 in a Stevie Nicks sound-alike contest.

Nicks, 64, finally found her voice for “Landslide,” a duet with Buckingham, his voice and acoustic guitar. After saying she usually dedicates the song each night to a family member, Nicks said on Sunday, it would be a rare dedication to her “one and only husband,” Minnesotan Kim Anderson, who was in the audience and, of course, is no longer her husband (they divorced after a short marriage; he was the widower of her best friend, who died of leukemia).

Nicks’ incurable romanticism has fueled her art and Fleetwood Mac. She got so inspired during “Landslide” on Sunday that at song’s end she and Buckingham blew kisses at one another. Of course, they followed that with a scorching “Never Going Back Again,” during which Buckingham sounded maniacally determined on vocals and guitar and Nicks offered credible vocal harmonies.

Although she did only a few slow-motion revolutions of the famous Stevie Nicks dervish dance, she hit her vocal stride, delivering “Gypsy” with conviction while facing drummer Mick Fleetwood (another of her exes).

She finally became the bewitching Nicks of yesteryear on “Gold Dust Woman,” investing the song with mystery, passion and her trademarked accouterments of shawls and scarves (the top hat would come later, thank you).

But while Nicks clearly was a favorite of the 16,000 fans on Sunday, it is Buckingham who elevates Fleetwood Mac into an exciting arena attraction 36 years after the blockbuster “Rumours” album made them one of the biggest bands of the 1970s. On Sunday, he was a live-wire ringmaster, a guitar monster, a heartfelt singer, a hammy performer and, as Mick Fleetwood put it, “our inspiration.”

With all of the Buckingham/Nicks soap-opera songs, the comforting, buoyant tunes (and sweet vocal harmonies) of McVie were missed. The band did her “Don’t Stop,” with Buckingham and Nicks alternating as lead singer on the verses. But this really was the Lindsey Buckingham Show.

Buckingham, 63, tried to provide context with his introductions to songs. For instance, he explained that “Big Love” was written as a “contemplation on alienation” but now he sees it as “a meditation” on change. Indeed, his transformation to de facto frontman of Fleetwood Mac has helped the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame group maintain its magic.

Jon Bream • 612-673-1719

CONCERT REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac review… Wait, this is starting to sound familiar

Fleetwood Mac perform "Go Your Own Way," among other hits at the Xcel Energy Center in St Paul on Sunday night. (Paul Schumann)
Fleetwood Mac perform “Go Your Own Way,” among other hits at the Xcel Energy Center in St Paul on Sunday night. (Paul Schumann)

By Ross Raihala
Twin Cities Pioneer Press
Sunday, April 28, 2013

Something felt rather familiar about Fleetwood Mac’s Xcel Energy Center show Sunday, April 28, and it wasn’t just the band’s songs, which remain some of the biggest-selling, most widely known of the rock era.

Instead, it was the set list — the very order in which the group played those songs — that was secondhand news. Four-fifths of Fleetwood Mac’s most famous lineup last headlined the downtown St. Paul hockey arena in March 2009, and Sunday they performed a whopping 17 of the same songs. Of course, with a band like this, there are hits they’re always going to play (“Don’t Stop,” “Go Your Own Way,” “Landslide”). But this wasn’t just hearing the same old numbers four years later, but hearing them largely in the same sequence.

Just like in ’09, “The Chain” led into “Dreams” early in the show and then “Big Love,” “Landslide” and “Never Going Back” occupied the same three-song stretch at the midway point. And once again, the sequence of “I’m So Afraid,” “Stand Back” and “Go Your Own Way” wrapped things up and opened the door for virtually the same encore, with “Say Goodbye” added to “World Turning,” “Don’t Stop” and “Silver Springs.”

So what was different this time around? Well, most notably, Stevie Nicks was much more present and didn’t let her energetic frenemy Lindsey Buckingham steal the spotlight quite as much (even though the crowd cheered at nearly everything he did). At 64, her voice has lost much of its power, but she still looks terrific and she seemed to be enjoying herself much more Sunday night than four years back.

Buckingham reportedly wanted to record a fresh disc for 2013, but Nicks couldn’t get her act together in time. They did manage to work in one brand-new track, the upbeat and poppy “Sad Angel,” and one number they dug out from the vaults, “Without You” (an unreleased snoozer from the pair’s pre-Mac band Buckingham Nicks).

They also upped the total number of songs drawn from 1979’s Tusk — the expensive, Buckingham-led flop that derailed the band’s career — from three to four. In addition to Nicks’ ballad “Sara” and Buckingham’s monstrous “Tusk,” they worked in “Not That Funny” and “Sisters of the Moon,” with Buckingham taking the opportunity to once again harangue the crowd about the album’s initial failure. (Dude, it’s been 34 years. Let it go already!)

Beyond that, the band kept to the oldies, with the vast majority of the songs originally written and recorded in the mid-to-late ’70s. It was a nice surprise to hear “Eyes of the World,” a deep cut from 1982’s under-appreciated Mirage album, although almost any one of the other album cuts from that era would’ve been a better choice. As always, Christine McVie was missed. She retired in 1998 and while she was always a distant third behind Buckingham and Nicks, her softer, more romantic songs lent the band a certain humanity they’ve been lacking in the years since.

Pop music critic Ross Raihala can be reached at 651-228-5553.

13TH SHOW: Fleetwood Mac, Xcel Energy Center, St Paul MN, April 28, 2013 (videos)

Fleetwood Mac performed a sold-out show at the Xcel Energy Center in St Paul, Minnesota, Sunday night.

Stevie dedicated “Landslide” to her “one and only husband” Minnesotan Kim Anderson, who was in the audience.

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Fan reaction (via Twitter)

@fleetwoodmac turn UP Stevies vox & turm DOWN Lindseys plz! #livesoundmixing

There’s no new album, but apparently there will be a Fleetwood Mac EP coming out “any day now, really,” according to Buckingham

Fleetwood Mac with @stinkerbell85. Xcel is absolutely packed.

So I’m totally at the Fleetwood Mac concert in St. Paul tonight. Suck it haters. Suck it hard.

I am young tonight. At Fleetwood Mac. #macattack

Fleetwood Mac I wouldn’t pay 5 cents to see them, Lindsey’s voice has become awful… Stevie still has the pipes though

Fleetwood Mac #nowplaying Landslide. Lighters in the air in the crowd. @fleetwoodmac #fmacxec #stpaul

Fleetwood Mac still sounds good! Rocking it in their 60s!

Fleetwood Mac sounds amazing tonight

Fleetwood Mac has me tonight <3_<3 heaven to my ears! Ahhh

Best part of Fleetwood Mac was when the demon on the video projection ate the marching band during “Tusk” and blood went everywhere.

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St Paul set list (unchanged since 4/26/13)

  1. Second Hand News
  2. The Chain
  3. Dreams
  4. Sad Angel (new song)
  5. Rhiannon
  6. Not That Funny
  7. Tusk
  8. Sisters of the Moon
  9. Sara
  10. Big Love
  11. Landslide
  12. Never Going Back Again
  13. Without You (new song)
  14. Gypsy
  15. Eyes of the World
  16. Gold Dust Woman
  17. I’m So Afraid
  18. Stand Back
  19. Go Your Own Way
  20. World Turning (first encore)
  21. Don’t Stop
  22. Silver Springs (second encore)
  23. Say Goodbye


1. “Second Hands News” – very short clip (courtesy of Sydney Cole)

1. “Second Hand News” – very short clip (courtesy of Sydney Cole)

3. “Dreams” – partial – fan singing in background (courtesy of Flaca de Leon)

4. “Sad Angel” (courtesy of amp111379)

4. “Sad Angel” (courtesy of HeartfordRocks)

5. “Rhiannon” (courtesy of HeartfordRocks)

5. “Rhiannon” – short clip (courtesy of Sydney Cole)

6. “Not That Funny” – partial (courtesy of amp111379)

7. “Tusk” – partial (courtesy of Sydney Cole)

8. “Sisters of the Moon” – partial (courtesy of amp111379)

9. “Sara” – partial (courtesy of Flaca De Leon)

9. “Sara” (courtesy of amp111379)

10. “Big Love” (courtesy of GomeApps)

10. “Big Love” (courtesy of amp111379)

11. “Landslide” (courtesy of GomeApps)

14. “Gypsy” (courtesy of amp111379)

16. “Gold Dust Woman” (courtesy of GomeApps)

16. “Gold Dust Woman” (courtesy of amp111379)

17. “I’m So Afraid” (courtesy of amp111379)

19. “Go Your Own Way” (courtesy of amp111379)

21. “Don’t Stop” – partial (courtesy of Sydney Cole)

Special thanks to amp111379, Sydney Cole, Flaca de Leon, GomeApps, and HeartfordRocks for making these clips available.

Fan photos