VIDEO: Kat Perkins performs ‘Landslide’ on The Voice

(Photo: Tyler Golden / NBC)
(Photo: Tyler Golden / NBC)

Kat Perkins performed Fleetwood Mac’s classic 1975 song Landslide on Monday night’s episode of The Voice. Perkins had previously won over three of the four judges by performing a riveting cover of Fleetwood Mac “Gold Dust Woman,” during the show’s blind auditions. With ties to Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac, Adam Levine convinced her to join Team Adam, where she has emerged as the frontrunner to win the season.

For Monday night’s performance, Perkins stayed true to Fleetwood Mac’s live rendition of “Landslide,” complete with an impressive long-sustained note on the ‘snooooow covered hills.” Stevie Nicks would be proud.

More about Kat (from NBC)

Kat started a rock band with her husband; but they divorced six months later, and she decided to take a break from the music business. She’s currently a full-time nanny for a family of five, with whom she created an unofficial band for fun. The Voice is the first time Kat has gone solo, and she can’t wait to step out on her own.


Gold Dust Woman

‘Edge of Seventeen,’ Rumours sales surge after Tonight Show performance

(Photo: NBC)

Following Stevie’s April 9th performance of her classic 1981 hit “Edge of Seventeen (Just Like the White Wing Dove),” digital sales of the single surged 178%, according to Billboard Magazine. For the week-ending April 13, the single sold 5,000 copies.

Stevie’s performance also fueled sales of Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 album Rumours, which experienced a 29% sales increase, shooting up from #187 to #132 in the album’s 175th week on the Billboard album chart.

Fleetwood Mac Rumours

Stevie Nicks discusses Linda Ronstadt, RRHoF scene

Stevie Nicks performs at the 29th Annual Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony. (Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris / WireImage)
Stevie Nicks performs at the 29th Annual Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony. (Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris / WireImage)

Fleetwood Mac frontwoman Stevie Nicks paid tribute to Linda Ronstadt at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony Thursday night, along with an all-star lineup of women Ronstadt influenced, as Ronstadt was unable to make an appearance herself. Following performances by Carrie Underwood, Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou Harris and Sheryl Crow, Nicks sang Buddy Holly’s “It’s So Easy,” which Ronstadt released as her own single 1977 album Simple Dreams, and the Everly Brothers’ “When Will I Be Loved,” a 1975 single for Ronstadt off her Heart Like a Wheel LP. Following her performance, she told Rolling Stone how Ronstadt left an indelible impression on her at an early age.

Why did you want to pay tribute to Linda Ronstadt?

Because Linda was one of the first artists that really caught my eye when I was in high school. And I really could sing just like her. I’m sure a lot of people could. Because if you study her, you can get her vibe. So I could sing “Different Drum.” I couldn’t sing it as good as Carrie Underwood just sang it, I have to say, God bless her. But I got it pretty good, and I could also play it on my guitar – and I’m not the best guitar player. But I learned it and I could sing it.

Linda was really a rock star, but she was tinged with the country thing. And so she figured out a way to blend those things. So she was rockin’, and she hung out with the rockers, the rock bands. But she still had that little bit of country that went along with her. And, her voice was so spectacular that all the men surrounding her – Don Henley and Glenn Frey and Jackson Browne – that whole bunch of guys that was so fantastic. So she was like myself.

How else did you relate to her?

She was never gonna do a song she didn’t love. Because I’ve gotten in terrible arguments with producers about a song that they’ll give me, and they’ll go, “This could be your next hit single.” And I’m like, “I don’t care because I hate it, and I’m not doing it.” And huge arguments over that. And I’m sure Linda Ronstadt was the same way, where she’d say, “No, I’m not doing that song. I don’t like it.” So she was just strong.

And I think that when she was 15, 16, 17, she was probably just like me. She was marching through the halls of her high school going, ‘Everybody should be moving aside right now, because, “Don’t you know who I am? I’m Linda Ronstadt, future huge rock star.” It’s just in her. I watched her and I listened to her. And I loved all her songs and I got told great stories about her from all the amazing people that did know her. And I don’t really know how she slipped through the cracks, and I never really got to meet her. I should’ve gotten to meet her. Anyway, she was just like the perfect storm of everything meeting at the same time in perfection when she hit the radio.

Did you speak with her before tonight? How did you come to sing in the tribute?

We were just asked. I think that me, Carrie, Sheryl, Emmylou, Bonnie – I think the five of us certainly had no idea that we’d be chosen to do this. But it was so great because I really think we were the perfect five to do it, and I think that Glenn Frey was the perfect person to induct her because they really were good friends. So he knew her really well.

What has the backstage scene been like for you?

Well, I couldn’t even watch Cat Stevens because it was right before us. And I started crying. I met him last night at Jimmy Fallon, and I got a moment to tell him how inspirational he had been to Lindsey Buckingham and to myself. For Buckingham-Nicks, Cat Stevens was one of the people that we listened to daily and sang along to those songs and played those songs and harmonized to those songs. And they meant so much to us. I mean in so many ways, they meant so much to us, not just because they were good songs; to me, it was Cat Stevens, and that was huge for us. I told him that last night.

How did he reply?

He said, “You know, I’m so glad you told me that. Because how would I know? How would I know?” And he goes, “I’m thrilled that I influenced the two people in Fleetwood Mac. I’m thrilled to know that.” And he was so sweet and gentle and loving and nice.

So tonight, when he started singing, I was gonna go out there and stand on the side of the stage and watch. I started crying. I couldn’t do it because if you start to cry, you can’t sing. So I had to walk away. I thought, “I’ll watch it on HBO, because if I go out there, I will get hysterical.” He’s amazing.

I think that he should come back, because I think that somebody like Cat Stevens or Yusuf – whichever name he chooses to go by – I think his message of peace and love is great. And I think that it showed very much in that huge audience tonight that his music can promote peace and love, and he should do it because he can. And he can break hearts and he can make people listen to him. And that is magical. And he should do it. And I told him that.

Who else are you excited to see tonight?

I cannot miss Hall & Oates, because Hall & Oates are huge, huge, huge for me. I really just wanted to be an R&B singer, let’s face it.

What were your thoughts on the Kiss situation? Did you talk to them at all about performing?

I did not. I just gave them kisses. No, my opinion was that they should have played. When we were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Lindsey’s a little bit like, “OK, whatever.” But let me tell you, when we walked up there and we were inducted, we stood up there and it is a moment like no other. Then you get to go and strum on your guitar and get your microphone and sing two or three songs to that audience on your day.

It is their loss that they didn’t play, because the Kiss Army is out there, right now screaming for them. And they should have played for them, no matter how they felt about it. You know, Fleetwood Mac had about 500 people in it, too. They weren’t all there. All 900 guitar players didn’t get inducted. They weren’t there. So the thing is, you know what? It’s your moment. Take it. Go out there and play. It’s the most important part. I like Kiss very much, and I think that they have done amazing. They’re an amazing band.

Additional Reporting by Patrick Doyle

Kory Grow & Patrick Doyle / Rolling Stone / Friday, April 11, 2014

VIDEOS: Stevie Nicks, all-star lineup pay tribute to RRHoF inductee Linda Ronstadt

Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow, Carrie Underwood, and others pay tribute to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Linda Ronstadt. (Photo: Frank Posillico)
Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow, Carrie Underwood, and others pay tribute to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Linda Ronstadt. (Photo: Frank Posillico)

Stevie attended the 29th annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on Thursday night. She joined an all-star cast of musicians to pay tribute to the great Linda Ronstadt, one of this year’s inductees.

Stevie took the lead on Ronstadt’s 1977 hit “It’s So Easy,” while her “backup supergroup” consisting of Sheryl Crow, Glenn Frey, Emmylou Harris, Bonnie Raitt, and Carrie Underwood sang along.

Stevie said that hearing the song (which was originally recorded by Buddy Holly in 1958) in high school inspired her to be a singer.

Afflicted with Parkinson’s disease, Linda Ronstadt chose not attend the ceremony.

Linda Ronstadt Tribute Set List

  1. Different Drum (Carrie Underwood)
  2. Blue Bayou (Bonnie Raitt & Emmylou Harris)
  3. You’re No Good (Sheryl Crow & Glenn Frey)
  4. It’s So Easy (Sheryl Crow, Glenn Frey, Emmylou Harris, Bonnie Raitt, Carrie Underwood, and Stevie Nicks on lead vocals)
  5. When Will I Be Loved (Sheryl Crow, Emmylou, Harris, Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt, and Carrie Underwood)

The New York Daily News provided a live blog and posted videos clips from the induction ceremony. The full show will air May 31 on HBO.

It’s So Easy (courtesy of Cool Hand 62)

It’s So Easy (courtesy of Adam Edelman)

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When Will I Be Loved

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Photo Gallery

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Photos courtesy of Barclays Center, HBO, Rolling Stone, Scott Kropa, Kabir Bhatia, and Frank Posillico

VIDEOS: Stevie Nicks rocks The Tonight Show with humor, classic hits

(Photo: NBC)
(Photo: NBC)

Stevie appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night, first humorously recreating her 1981 music video “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” with Fallon, who impersonated Tom Petty and then rocking the house by performing her 1981 rock anthem “Edge of Seventeen.”

Watch both performances below.

Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around featuring Jimmy ‘Tom Petty’ Fallon

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Edge of Seventeen

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TONIGHT: Stevie honors Linda Ronstadt at RRHoF induction ceremony


Stevie will be honoring the great Linda Ronstadt at the 29th annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony tonight at Barclays Center in New York. She will be paying musical tribute to the 11-time-Grammy-Award-winning artist, singing a selection of her most famous songs. Ronstadt will not be present at the event because of her Parkinson’s disease condition, which makes travel difficult for her.

The 2014 inductees are The E Street Band, Brian Epstein, Peter Gabriel, Daryl Hall and John Oates, Kiss, Nirvana, Andrew Loog Oldham, Linda Ronstadt, and Cat Stevens. The event will be filmed, and the television broadcast will premiere on HBO on May 31.

Fleetwood Mac featured in new Rolling Stone


Fleetwood Mac is featured in the April 24th issue of Rolling Stone, which hits newsstands on Friday.

The new feature promotes Fleetwood Mac’s upcoming North American tour, the first with returning member Christine McVie since 1998.

Fleetwood Mac’s reunion tour kicks off in Minneapolis on September 30. The band has tentative plans to follow up the North American tour with shows in Australia and Europe, depending on bassist John McVie’s health. McVie has been battling cancer since last year when his diagnosis become known to the public, causing the cancellation of Fleetwood Mac’s Australian tour. According to members of the band, McVie has been recovering well from chemotherapy treatments, which started in December.

TONIGHT: Stevie Nicks appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

(Photo: CBS / Ethan Miller / Getty Images)
(Photo: CBS / Ethan Miller / Getty Images)

Stevie will be appearing on Wednesday night’s The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, airing at 11:34pm local time. This week, Jimmy is honoring Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, such as Linda Ronstadt, to whom Stevie will be paying musical tribute at this year’s ceremony.

This year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee ceremony will be held at Barclays Center in New York on April 10. The 2014 inductees are The E Street Band, Brian Epstein, Peter Gabriel, Daryl Hall and John Oates, Kiss, Nirvana, Andrew Loog Oldham, Linda Ronstadt, and Cat Stevens. The event will be filmed, and the television broadcast will premiere on HBO on May 31.

Stevie Nicks, Lady Antebellum rock ‘Golden’ performance

(Photo: CBS)
(Photo: CBS)

Stevie Nicks teamed with three-time ACM vocal group of the year Lady Antebellum to pair up their latest hit “Golden” and the Fleetwood Mac classic “Rhiannon” on Sunday at the ACM Awards.

“I love Lady Antebellum, and to me, this song is their ‘Landslide’ because it’s just that spectacular,” Nicks said earlier in the week in an announcement for a special release of their joint version of “Golden.”

Nicks’ appearance at the ceremony precedes a North American tour with Fleetwood Mac that, for the first time in 16 years, features singer-keyboardist Christine McVie as part of the lineup, after rejoining the group in January.

Lady Antebellum’s star has continued to rise on the country charts, returning to No. 1 on the Country Airplay chart last month with “Compass,” which received songwriting credits from the likes of production duo Stargate (Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable,” Katy Perry’s “Firework”). “Compass” is off “Golden,” the trio’s May 2013 release, which also hit No. 1 — including a top spot on the Billboard 200, Lady Antebellum’s third such album.

The Nicks-Antebellum collab came about after both parties performed together on “CMT Crossroads” last September. They tore through country chart-toppers “Need You Now” and “Just a Kiss,” as well as rock standards “Landslide” and “Rhiannon” — the latter with Scott singing the song’s higher melody.

Billboard / Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mick Fleetwood to host ’24 Hours’ TV series

(Photo: Danny Clinch)
(Photo: Danny Clinch)

Mick Fleetwood has been signed to host a series of television specials, “24 Hours With Mick,” featuring one-on-one conversations and adventures with an array of his friends and colleagues. The Fleetwood Mac drummer/founder will spend a day with each guest probing their thoughts, interests and ideas. Where and when it will air has not yet been announced.

The series will showcase an eclectic line -up of interview subjects from a diverse array of fields, including music and entertainment to technology and politics, art, architecture and more. Each subject will be hand-picked by Fleetwood as someone he admires and whom he is fascinated.

The show will be filmed in a variety of locations, including his home in Hawaii to cities around the world where he will be touring with Fleetwood Mac.

“24 Hours With Mick” is produced by Vortex Media. Executive Producers by industry vets James Deutch, Nico Golfar andCarl Stubner.

Deutch has created and Executive Produced six prime-time television series and two feature films. Recent projects include Fashion Star (NBC), Tech Stars (Bloomberg Television) andConversations with Michael Eisner (CNBC). Deutch has served as a development executive at Zodiak Entertainment, evp at Nederlander Companies and vp at Hearst Entertainment.

Golfar is an event producer and branding expert for some of the most recognizable names in film, television, music and business since 1995. Golfar has executed large-scale projects, discerning private and destination management events, product launches and seeding programs for clients including DDB LA, Hans Zimmer, PopChips, Vespa, Depeche Mode, Virgin, Best Buy, Microsoft, Tanqueray, Fleetwood Mac, Warner Brothers, Namco and Bentley to name a few.

Stubner is the Chairman of Suretone Entertainment and co-manager of Fleetwood Mac. Throughout his career Stubner has worked with some of the biggest artists and performers in the world including Nirvana, Alanis Morissette, Tommy Lee, ZZ Top, Billy Ray Cyrus, Seal, Andrew Dice Clay, India.Arie and many more.

Roy  Traykin / Billboard / Tuesday, April 8, 2014