The essential Stevie Nicks: Ranking her 66 greatest songs

(Photo: Richard E. Aaron / RedFerns)
(Photo: Richard E. Aaron / RedFerns)

The web is abuzz with many wonderful tributes to Stevie Nicks, who celebrates her 66th birthday today. For the special occasion, The Backlot appropriately ranks 66 songs from Stevie’s illustrious and prolific recording career, The Essential Stevie Nicks: Ranking Her 66 Greatest Songs. Lists like these are inherently subjective, but the writer does a great job of delving deep into Stevie’s vast catalog of treasured songs. The Top 10 is nearly spot-on, except for maybe ranking the elusive “Blue Lamp” higher than the more universally known and beloved “Gypsy,” the latter of which didn’t even make the Top 10! No list is perfect, but this one comes pretty close.

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