VIDEOS: Fleetwood Mac, Spokane Arena, Spokane WA, 6/29/13

(Mr Sparkly)
(Mr Sparkly)

The Spokane Arena was rocking last Saturday night as fans packed the house to see the legendary Fleetwood Mac perform a nearly 2.5 hour-long set, which included hit after hit from their more than four decade-long career.

Prior to the show, the Spokane Arena posted to their Facebook page that the band had requested that no one take photos or video during the show. But rules are made to be broken, right? So I placed my camera down low and tried to be as inconspicuous as possible, thus minimizing the distraction I may have been causing other people around me.

I realize that my behavior would land me on Rolling Stone’s list of most annoying concert behaviors, but at least I was considerate enough to choose a seat where no one was sitting directly behind me. That coupled with the hundreds of camera flashes I saw go off, allowed me to easily justify filming a bit more.

Three fun facts that I learned from the show: (1) Lindsey Buckingham can rip it up on the guitar. (2) Mick Fleetwood apparently gets some assistance from an unnamed drummer located behind the stage. (3) And Fleetwood Mac fans LOVE when Stevie Nicks twirls around on stage.

I hope you enjoy the videos below. And if you are a Fleetwood Mac fan, I’d highly recommend catching their show is you have a chance.

Mr Sparkly / Concert Confessions / Friday, July 5, 2013

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