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Stevie Nicks reunites with the band that made her famous

In Your Dreams 2011

Through her career with Fleetwood mac and her solo hits, Stevie Nicks, 65, has kept the smolder in her sound. As the band celebrates the 35th anniversary of its Rumours album with a U.S. tour, Nicks talks about her longevity and the relationship she once called “tumultuous” with ex-partner and lover, guitarist Lindsey Buckingham.

Did you ever think you’d be touring with Fleetwood mac in your 60s?

I never considered that I wouldn’t be singing in my 60s. Maybe not still in a rock band, but I [thought] I’d still be writing and singing and doing shows.

Touring is hard even when you’re young. How do you stay charged up?

If you don’t stop, it’s not that hard to keep going.

What’s it like collaborating with Lindsey Buckingham today?

We’re getting along really quite well. When you’re older, you don’t get as upset about the little things.

Janet Kinosian / AARP / July 2013

Author: Stevie Nicks Info

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