VIDEOS: Fleetwood Mac, Mansfield MA, Comcast Center, 6/21/2013

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Here is amateur footage from the 38th show of the Fleetwood Mac 2013 world tour. Special thanks to Ray Alva, ceoBailey, Jeff Connell, Jeremy Day, jackhutson, Jay Kay, Jimmy Nally, Steven Pichette, and susea for making these clips available.

1. Second Hand News – partial (courtesy of Jeff Connell)

3. Dreams – partial (courtesy of Jeff Connell)

5. Rhiannon (courtesy of Ray Alva)

5. Rhiannon – short clip (courtesy of jackhutson)

8. Sisters of the Moon (courtesy of Jay Kay)

9. Sara (courtesy of Jeff Connell)

9. Sara (courtesy of Ray Alva)

11. Landslide (courtesy of Jeremy Day)

11. Landslide (courtesy of Steven Pichette)

11. Landslide – partial (courtesy of Jimmy Nally)

11. Landslide – partial (courtesy of jackhutson)

12. Never Going Back Again (courtesy of Jeff Connell)

16. Gold Dust Woman (courtesy of susea)

18. Stand Back (courtesy of ceoBailey)

19. Go Your Own Way (courtesy of ceoBailey)

23. Say Goodbye (courtesy of granitedog)

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