VIDEOS: Fleetwood Mac, Albany NY, Times Union Center, 6/19/2013

Here is amateur footage from the 37th show of the Fleetwood Mac 2013 world tour. Special thanks to Luane Ballantine, Alain Fattal, granitedog, Joann71, kaypee24, Bill Maas, Jay McBain, Leland Pinkham, and Nicholas Teta for making these clips available.

1. Second Hand News (courtesy of Nicholas Teta)

4. Sad Angel (courtesy of granitedog)

5. Rhiannon – short clip (courtesy of Jay McBain)

8. Sisters of the Moon (courtesy of granitedog)

9. Sara (courtesy of Bill Maas)

9. Sara (courtesy of prizm555)

11. Landslide (courtesy of Jay McBain)

12. Never Going Back Again (courtesy of Nicholas Teta)

13. Without You (courtesy of granitedog)

15. Eyes of the World (courtesy of kaypee24)

16. Gold Dust Woman (courtesy of Nicholas Teta)

17. I’m So Afraid (courtesy of Joann71)

17. I’m So Afraid (courtesy of Alain Fattal)

18. Stand Back (courtesy of kaypee24)

18. Stand Back (courtesy of Leland Pinkham)

19. Go Your Own Way (courtesy of Nicholas Teta)

22. Silver Springs (courtesy of Luane Ballantine)

23. Final bows (courtesy of kaypee24)

Author: Stevie Nicks Info

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