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29TH SHOW: Fleetwood Mac, Pepsi Center, Denver, Colorado, June 1, 2013

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Fleetwood Mac performed in concert at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado, on Saturday night.

Stevie said that she has “a very strong bond with Colorado” because of the five generations of women in her family that have lived in the state. She also mentioned that the state of Colorado was special because she wrote “Landslide” in Aspen.

Fan reaction (via Twitter)

Fleetwood Mac concert…amazing!

At Fleetwood Mac right now, incredible! Stevie ROCKS. Thanks SpinGo!!

Dreams do come true. The most incredible concert ever. 🎶❤

@fleetwoodmac Had a great time at the concert. It was phenomenal. Thank you!

Without a doubt one of the most inspirational shows I’ve been too… @fleetwoodmac ‘s talent is soooo real

Fleetwood Mac was in top form tonight. Absolutely incredible.

Newfound respect for Mick Fleetwood after seeing him in concert in Denver. A 65 year old badass. #fleetwoodmac

I cannot get over how good Stevie Nicks sounded and looked tonight, along with all of Fleetwood Mac. 65 years young.

Saw Fleetwood Mac tonight and it was definitely a life changing experience. Super glad I got to see…

Fleetwood Mac rocked my socks tonight #legends

I still can’t believe how amazing Fleetwood Mac was. Lordy.

@fleetwoodmac Had a great time at the concert. It was phenomenal. Thank you!

Two and a half hour set, Second Hand News opener, Lindsey Buckingham shredding in tight jeans, and Stevie’s STILL got it #fleetwoodmac

Fleetwood Mac def still has it, best song of night was Gold Dust Woman. What a show! 3 hrs, no opening act, two great encores. #spingo

Denver set list (unchanged)

  1. Second Hand News
  2. The Chain
  3. Dreams
  4. Sad Angel (new song)
  5. Rhiannon
  6. Not That Funny
  7. Tusk
  8. Sisters Of The Moon
  9. Sara
  10. Big Love
  11. Landslide
  12. Never Going Back Again
  13. Without You (new song)
  14. Gypsy
  15. Eyes Of The World
  16. Gold Dust Woman
  17. I’m So Afraid
  18. Stand Back
  19. Go Your Own Way
  20. World Turning (first encore)
  21. Don’t Stop
  22. Silver Springs
  23. Say Goodbye (second encore)


2. The Chain (courtesy of Michelle Maes)

2. The Chain (courtesy of ziscokid88)

3. Dreams (courtesy of Michelle Maes)

4. Sad Angel – with introduction (courtesy of Michelle Maes)

5. Rhiannon (courtesy of Michelle Maes)

5. Rhiannon – ending (courtesy of nicksfan69)

5. Rhiannon (courtesy of ziscokid88)

7. Tusk – partial (courtesy of winstonhuxleyorwell)

9. Sara (courtesy of Michelle Maes)

10. Big Love (courtesy of Michelle Maes)

11. Landslide – with introduction (courtesy of bouncingsoul)

11. Landslide (courtesy of Morgan Gray)

11. Landslide (courtesy of Andreas DeValera)

11. Landslide (courtesy of winstonhuxleyorwell)

12. Never Going Back Again (courtesy of Morgan Gray)

13. Without You – introduction (courtesy of Michelle Maes)

13. Without You (courtesy of Michelle Maes)

14. Gypsy (courtesy of Michelle Maes)

17. I’m So Afraid (courtesy of Morgan Gray)

19. Go Your Own Way (courtesy of Bill Yanneck)

20. World Turning (courtesy of Bill Yanneck)

20. World Turning (courtesy of Don Funk)

21. Don’t Stop (courtesy of Eric P)

22. Silver Springs (courtesy of Janal Urich)

22-23. Silver Springs & Say Goodbye (courtesy of bgeyes44)

23. Say Goodbye (courtesy of Morgan Gray)

Special thanks to bgeyes44, bouncingsoul, Andreas DeValera, Don Funk, Morgan Gray, Michelle Maes, nicksfan69, Eric P, Janal Urich, winstonhuxleyorwell, Bill Yanneck, and ziscokid88 for making these clips available.

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